When you are looking for basketball shoes what do you look for? Comfort isn’t a consideration today because, with the modern technology and the materials that are available, it is almost impossible to make a shoe that is not comfortable. There are many basketball shoes available in the market. If everything is comfortable how do you choose the best basketball shoes?

There are of course other things to consider when we choose the top basketball shoes. What are the important things to consider?


Though we said it is hardly possible to make shoes that are not comfortable, there are levels of personal comfort. Basketball is a rough game and so you should get the pair that is most comfortable for you. Wear the pair and see how comfortable you feel, before you go for it.


One of the most important features to consider when you are looking for the best basketball shoes. Basketball is a game of quick movements and stops. You are always in motion, but these are quick and sudden. You will need a good traction to avoid slipping and falling. Traction or grip is provided by the pattern on your sole. Different patterns will provide different kinds of traction.


This is very important in a basketball shoe. The game is a very rigorous game. You will be running and jumping a lot. It is a high-intensity sport where the strain on your feet is very high. There are all possibilities of getting hurt. Even abrasiveness of harsh socks could affect your game. This is why you need the shoes to give the maximum cushioning effect. It should be able to absorb as much shock as possible so as to protect your feet.


As already mentioned it is a game of quick and forceful action. When you look for the best basketball shoes, you should look for support. The quick action could bring your feet at awkward angles. Your ankles are very fragile. There could be a lot of strain on that part. You need to make sure that the shoe supports. Getting a shoe which has a high ankle support could help.


This is very important. A snug fit is necessary to keep the shoes from slipping. It will also give you better response when playing.

While looking for the best basketball shoes consider all these aspects and also look at shoes which offer much more features than these.

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