If you are a casual runner any shoe that you might already have like your tennis or leisure shoe is fine. But if you are planning to take up running as a serious sport then you need shoes that are specifically developed for running.

The requirements are quite simple. They need to be comfortable over long periods. They need to withstand the repetitive bouncing of your body weight. They need to be breathable. They should give the right grip and traction. Sounds simple. But getting the best running shoes requires a bit of research.

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Expensive Vs Cheap

You want a good shoe, but you don’t want to pay much. Doesn’t work. Materials that go into a good running shoe takes a lot of research and costs money. If you need comfort over a long period, you need better uppers in good materials. If you need the soles to be comfortable and durable you need a better cushioning material. A contoured socks liner will keep the foot in place and be comfortable when running. All these things cost money. So be ready to spend or else your shoe is going to be hell on your feet.

Get The Best Fit

The fit is everything when it comes to getting the best running shoes. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. The heel should be secure so that there is no movement, but you should be able to wriggle your toes. There should be a half-centimeter space above your big toe to allow for the expansion that happens during exercise.

You should be able to lace the shoes tight enough for your feet not to wiggle inside, but it should not cut off your circulation. Your instep should not feel too tight when you lace up your shoes.

The front portion of the best running shoes should be wide enough to see that your little toe doesn’t sit on the edge of the insole. Your toes should feel free inside the shoes. The shoe should also be long enough to allow for the expansion during running. There should be a thumb’s space between your foot at the longest point and the shoe.

The shoe should flex along the lines of your feet when you bend your feet. If it doesn’t flex you could feel pain after some running. This is not good for your feet.

Get the shoes that feel best. Take a short jog inside the store or the hallway to see how it feels. The best running shoes are the ones that feel naturally comfortable.

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