Best Shoes For Skateboarding

Shoes are very important when it comes to skateboarding. There are many features that are needed for skateboarding shoes. Though they may look like ordinary shoes they are much more durable and have some special features.

Let us see what the special features you should be looking for if you want to get the best shoes for skateboarding.


This is a very important feature which you should be checking when you buy your skateboard shoes. No glued shoes for skateboarding. They should be stitched. They should be preferably double or triple stitched. This is the only way they are going to hold together. With the way your feet are going to move inside the shoe, this is the only way of ensuring the shoes hold.


What is the best material for the best shoes for skateboarding? If it is canvas, don’t even consider it. The best material for good skateboards is leather. It should be leather or suede. If it is synthetic it should be as strong as leather. That is certainly a condition for qualifying as good skateboarding shoes.


You need shoes that are strong enough for an army attack. That is the truth. Skateboarding is not a mild activity. It destroys shoes. You better have lots of reinforcements. You need at the toe cap, on the sides and along the lace eyelets and around the heels. The more the better because you are going to be using them really rough and they need to last long. This is the only way to ensure they will last longer.


There needs to be a balance between all that reinforcements and weight if they need to qualify as the best shoes for skateboarding. A heavy shoe won’t let you do too many tricks with the skateboard. If they are too light the may be that much flimsy too. Check out the shoes and see the one that is balanced in strength and lightness.


You need a lot of that to hold on to the skateboards. The soles should be made of really grippy gum rubber. Ordinary rubber won’t suffice. You need soles that really grip on to your skateboard. Most of the big brand skateboard shoes come with this feature.

When you look for the best shoes for skateboarding there are also other things like protection for the lace and strong eyelets. You can also look for some comfortable padding that will keep your feet happy.

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