Spikeless golf shoes were unheard of a few years back. But today there are a lot of spikeless golf shoes available in the market. And they are getting better and better. Spiked golf shoes were used because they gave you more traction on soggy or wet surfaces. They were safer when there is a slope. But the spikeless golf shoes of today have got studded or dimpled soles to make up for the loss of grip.

The main advantage of the best spikeless golf shoes is that they are lightweight and hence more comfortable. They can also be worn everywhere. You don’t have to change them during the game. You can go anywhere after a round of golf without having to change your shoes.

There are many things to consider when you buy your spikeless golf shoes (list here).

Distance & Weight

Consider how much distance you need to walk around the course. This should be the first consideration. If you are doing the full course you will need a pair of shoes that are light on the feet. Go for the lightweight shoes. They are the best spikeless golf shoes for you.


best golf shoes for walking
best golf shoes for walking

Where you will be playing your game is very important. If the weather is going to be too hot you should better go for the ones that are breathable. These will be better than the weatherproof leather. But if you are going to be in an all-weather course, it is better to be wearing the one that will protect your feet from the elements.

But there is always the possibility of your feet heating during a game. So, unless you are certainly expecting some bad weather, it is always better to go for the breathable shoes.


Everything boils down to this. Your best spikeless golf shoes must be comfortable. You cannot wear shoes that have a very tight grip on your feet. You must go for the ones with the necessary cushions that will keep your feet comfortably secure inside your shoes. With advance foam technology the options are many.


There are many materials that are being used to make the golf shoes. But leather still is the most preferred of all materials for the best spikeless golf shoes. Leather offers the best fit on your feet. They provide for a snug fit while also allowing for a lot of stretch. Leather also provides for good waterproofing. It is also breathable than the other synthetic materials.

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