Can I Put Sneakers In The Washing Machine?

You have been using your sneakers for quite a few days. It has been raining and your sneakers look like they have been through an army training camp. You need to clean them up and it isn’t going to be an easy job. We know how much you like your sneakers to be squeaky clean. So, what do you do about it?

We know what you are thinking – can I put sneakers in the washing machine? If you thought you cannot do that, you are wrong. That is the best way to clean your sneakers. But then you don’t put them straight into the washing machine. They need a little preparation before they go into the machine.


Remove the laces and put them in a pillow case or a mesh bag. You don’t want them getting tangled in everything. A mesh bag is good because it will help to clean the laces too.

You can sprinkle the shoes with a good amount of baking soda and leave them overnight. Or you just spray them with a pre-laundry treatment. If the sneakers are heavily soiled brush off as much dirt as possible from them. Use an old toothbrush. Remove as much tough dirt as possible from them.

Wash Cycles

Most washing machines have many wash cycles. Use the gentle wash cycle. This will ensure a slower spinning and lesser banging against the wash tub. That means a lesser strain on them. If there is a separate setting for the temperature you should select cold. This is the best way to clean your sneakers inside the machine. Hope we have answered your question – can I put sneakers in the washing machine. But there are some more tips to add.

Don’t give in to the temptation of adding a lot of detergents just because the sneakers are too dirty. Detergents stick to the sneakers and make them stiff. Use the normal quantity of your regular detergent. You can put the mesh bag with laces along with the sneakers.

Use Some Buffer

It is better to wash your sneakers with some heavy cloths like towels, blankets or sweatshirts. It will prevent too much of shoes banging against the tub. It will reduce the noise and prevent the sneakers from getting banged up too much.

After the wash, air dry your sneakers. Never put your sneakers in the dryer. The heat is not good for your sneakers. If the insoles are removable take them out and dry separately.

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