Orthotics – Do I Need Them?

Many people who suffer from pain in their feet will be wondering whether they need orthotics. The term and the devices themselves are being misused by many people who claim to be experts on this subject. There are many that are being sold over the counter without much knowledge about them. There are also half-baked experts who sell them without much effect.

What Are Orthotics

Orthotics are devices which are worn to make your feet achieve the natural shape or position. These may come as simple inserts inside your shoes or ankle braces which offer more support to the ankle. These are very useful if you have regular foot pain or if your foot is shaped differently. So, the question on everyone’s mind is – Orthotics – do I need them?

Signs To Know Whether You Need Orthotics

There are certain conditions which warrant the use of orthotics. Let us see them.

Unevenly Worn Shoes – These are a clear sign of feet that are shaped differently. Check the shoes whether they are worn evenly. If your shoes are worn more on one side, then your feet either turn inside or outside when you walk. If one shoe is more worn than the other, then your legs have different lengths.

The Wet Paper Test

Wet your feet and stand on a newspaper. See the footprint on the paper. If there is no C-curve at the arch, then you have a flat foot. If there is too much of a curve, then your arch is too much bent. Both are cases for orthotics. Still asking yourself, orthotics – do I need them?

Foot Pain

Foot pain is suffered by many people. It is a common thing among those who stand for a long time. It could be due to so many reasons. You could be wearing the wrong kind of footwear. You need to get checked. You may be needing orthotics.

Heel Pain

Some people experience severe pain in the heels. If you feel the pain especially in the mornings, you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis which can be cured by orthotics.

People with many foot conditions can be cured with orthotics. If you suffer any pain or discomfort it is better to check with a pedorthist. You probably have conditions that may need orthotics. This simple device has helped to cure feet or ankle pain for many people.

Orthotics – do I need them? You certainly do if you suffer from any of the above conditions.

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